My journey starts in the mountains and through the years to the stage and the show ... in all this sculpture is a link between the way the message and movement. One could say a passage.


It was revealed in that I was not questioned.

The material is offered and write in my abandoned gestures, tails and characters that are time after time interrogated, questioned, finally the expression of a memory included in it.

A dimension of the work that escapes us because it belongs only to itself.
The incarnation of matter is not an authorized subject,
that remains taboo after five centuries of inquisition and an academic refusal to recognize to our culture its animistic roots, its pagan origins.


Far to design my work as a sacred trust, for me it is a factor of well-being where the action puts me at peace, it refocuses me in my relationship to the world and nature. Any mystical interpretation will belong only to those who need a dogma to build their faith. La réalité des mondes subtils est accessible à tous ceux qui refusent la sclérose de leurs sens, laissant au concret la possibilité de lui confier ses secrets.

The reality of the subtle worlds is accessible to all those who refuse sclerosis of their sense , leaving to the concrete matter the ability to confide his secrets.

There is in all this an expression of multiple alive who has not finished surprising us.
The multitude of fields can also open the investigation of the progress that could be rationality.

Jérôme Aussibal